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User Group Summit Europe 2019 - I'm presenting!!

I’ve written a post previously about the CRMUG/D365UG and about the first CRMUGNW meeting that I helped organise as part of the committee.

User Group Summit Europe or Summit EMEA is the big event in Europe for everyone in the D365CE, F&O or PowerPlatform community. This year is is located in Amsterdam in the RAI Amsterdam building between the 27th-29th March.

This year, I am lucky enough to have been chosen to present at this event! Suffice to say, I’m excited, a little nervous, but mostly excited. Everyone involved in Dynamics or the PowerPlatform should definitely attend this event, it’s going to be incredible!!!

The event is spread out over 3 days and there are multi track talks, ranging from beginner to advanced across various topics suitable for System admins, Power Users, End Users, Developers, Partners, ISV...basically anyone. There will be loads of people at the conference again, ranging from end users, developers, through to MVP’s and Microsoft staff.

I’m going to be presenting 3 topics on all 3 days on a variety of topics.

  • Dynamics 365 Certifications – Why, When, Who, How…

  • Using Powerapps to Reduce Complicated Dev for Dynamics 365 CE

  • Word Templates - Building Them, Making Them Look Pretty and Automating Them

These 3 topics are all things I enjoy talking about and I’m really looking forward to presenting them in Amsterdam. Here are the details of these talks and I’d love to get as many people as possible into all 3 talks.

This talk is taking place on Wednesday the 27th March at 15:30-16:30

This presentation will advise users with a spectrum of experience, from people who are new to Dynamics or have never taken an exam to people who have MSCA/MCSE’s and want to know about the new certifications. I’ll be going through the whole process, from selling this as an idea to your boss, to how to revise for an Exam. Come listen to me speak and I’m sure you will be taking exams, gaining qualifications in no time!

This is a a topic I am co-presenting with one of my colleagues, Sergio Guisti and it’s taking place on Thursday the 28th March at 10:15-11:15

As a non-developer in the world of technology, it’s sometimes hard to find a no code/low code solution to a particular problem or business requirement. Over the years I’ve devised a handful of ways to avoid the need of a developer. With the birth of the PowerPlaform, it’s not easier than ever to create solutions to complex business requirements without the need for custom code. Join Sergio and myself as we empower users and give rise to the Citizen Developer!

This presentation is taking place on Friday the 29th march at 10:15-11:15.

If you have been reading my blog you will know how highly I think of Word Templates and their uses, but these are not widely used/known by the Dynamics communities. This presentation, complete with live demos, will impart onto users, a wealth of knowledge on the subject. It will demonstrate the creation, how to brand them and fancy stuff like converting to PDF and automatically sending with Flow and other tools.

Looking at the schedule for this event, there are talks on PowerBI, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Mixed Reality, Marketing, Field Service, Common Data Service and the list goes on and on and on.

So this is your chance to come to an event where people actually know what it is you do for a living (a personal issue I have), learn from the experts (and me) and just have fun chatting and networking with people in the same industry. What are you waiting for? Sign up today and come see my talks pleeeeaaaassssseeeeeee!

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