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Quick Tips - Change name of default App

Quick Tips - a succinct post which handles a specific tip or topic; not requiring too much explanation or guidance.

Not since the birth of the iPhone has technology been so App dependant. Dynamics 365 and the new PowerPlatform is no different, but this is all Canvas and Model Driven Apps. Apps, Apps, Apps, it’s all App Crazy!

With Apps driving the user experience and the fact that you can create as many as you want for your users; you can get into situations where you have so many Apps in your App selector that you don’t know which is which. Even spinning up a new instance and choosing some of the experiences like Customer Service or Sales installs Apps. By just creating a D365 environment you can have 3 or 4 Apps already!

There is a Default App, this the the “classic” experience for D365 but, unlike the Model Driven apps you may have in your tenant, it’s not named inside the App Designer.

If you want to give the Default App a better name, you need to do it differently. Navigate to your settings -> Administration -> System Settings

On the general tab, scroll down to the Default App name, change it to something more relevant and press ok.

Now when you are in your App selector or on you can figure out how to get back to the full D365 experience.

Ciao for now!

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