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Blog Year 1 Retrospective

It’s been 1 year since I started this blog (technically it was the 1st June so i'm a little early) so I thought i’d crack out some statistics and some thoughts about the first year.

Top 3 Post

  1. Microsoft Flow Vs Dynamics 365 Workflows - Part 1 - In this post we explored some differences between Microsoft Flow and Workflows in Dynamics 365. The example I described was creating an approval engine via Flow’s Approval process and then writing the data back to Dynamics 365. This was the most viewed post.

  2. Microsoft Flow Vs Dynamics 365 Workflows - Part 2 - In this post we continue to explore the differences between Microsoft Flow and Workflows in Dynamics 365. This time, I built the Approval engine in D365 itself. This is something I’ve built a few times, I like the solution but always looking to improve it.

  3. The Missing Link - Get data without mappings but with calculated fields - This was my second post on the blog, first real one about D365. This is where I share one of my solutions for getting data from other entities where you can’t use mapping. This is particularly useful for entities like Quote products, Opportunity Products and Order Products to the Product entity, and updates automatically unlike a Workflow would. Super powerful, but needs to be used wisely.

These are some of my favourite articles as well as being the popular ones. Flow is my new tool to use because it’s a more powerful version of Workflows which are was my first love when I started working with Dynamics.


At time of writing, here are the statistics for my blog after Year 1.

Total Posts = 23 (roughly 2 a month, not too bad)

Total views of my site = 1573

Highest month of views = November 2018

Most popular day to visit the site = Wednesday

Most popular time to visit the site = Wednesday at 6am (don’t get this one)

Tags which got the most clicks are below

Top 5 Visiting Countries

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

  • Netherlands

  • India

  • France

% of devices used

  • 53% Desktop

  • 46% Mobile

  • 2% Tablet

That’s about it. What an amazing Year 1 of blogging it has been, i’m really hoping my posts have helped at least one person, as that was one of my main goals for starting this. I have also referenced my posts on several occasions due to my memory which again, was another main goal for starting it.

Looking ahead to Year 2, I’m hoping to try and keep the same pace with my posts, I want to explore more technologies and maybe get a bit more technical with some of them. I always set the bar for myself quite high, I never want to stop learning and I never want to stop improving. So, here’s to Year 2!

Ciao for now!

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