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Quick Tips - Copying Organisations and fixing views

Quick Tips - a succinct post which handles a specific tip or topic; not requiring too much explanation or guidance.

I’ve come across quite a number of issues recently which have been slightly puzzling but relatively easy to fix once you know how; I thought i’d create a sub category of blog posts called Quick Tips to bolster some of the longer posts I like to write.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of copying of instances through the D365 admin centre lately and come across a few oddities. While most of these issues are likely bugs which Microsoft should be fixing in the future, I thought it wise to document some of these and the solutions to help the community.

I copied a D365 V9.0.2 instance from a Live environment to a sandbox as a minimal copy and while the majority of it worked fine, I did have an unusual experience with a view. The view in question was a system view but it specified a certain user that the records were assign to.

When I navigated to the view, no records were displayed, however, using an advanced find recreating the criteria, I could see there were records which were assigned to this user.

Puzzled, I went into the solution to take a look at the criteria and everything appeared normal. My first thought was that maybe the copy hadn’t brought through the user lookup field correctly but it was populated with the correct user.

I republished the solution but it made no difference. I edited the view and removed the user from the lookup box, then put the user back into the lookup box, saved and published and it that did it!

Maybe it was some issue with the guid not matching or some strange caching issue with the copy but it was a simple fix. Remove lookup, re-populate lookup, save and publish.

Caio for now!

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