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Quick Tips- Workflow Action SetWordTemplate not there?

Quick Tips - a succinct post which handles a specific tip or topic; not requiring too much explanation or guidance.

One of my favourite actions in a Workflow is the SetWordTemplate action which I have used across numerous deployments, shown off in presentations and may have blogged about it. It allows you to call a specific Word Template, run it against a record in D365CE and then it will attach it to the notes section of the record.

However, I recently created a custom entity and didn’t have an option to set it as the target record for the workflow action. It gave me other lookups like created by but no option for the record itself.

Turns out you need to enable the entity for Business Process Flows otherwise you cannot use this action. I’m not entirely sure why, it’s potentially one of the fields it automatically creates as part of the process for enabling the entity for BPF’s (which you cannot disable once enabled as it creates fields) but I can’t confirm this.

Ciao for now!

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