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Customise Close Opportunity Dialog

One of the most requested features for D365CE has been to be able to customise dialogs to close Opportunities and Cases. It was announced for the 2019 Wave 1 that customisation of dialogs for Cases would be coming to the application. Yay, everyone rejoiced...but the functionality slipped. Then for the 2019 Wave 2 release notes, customisation of dialogs for Opportunities was announced’s here (in preview)!

To get started, again if you are reading this before October 2019, refer to my previous article on turning on the 2019 Wave 2 preview<. Then navigate to Settings -> Administration -> System Settings -> Sales. From here you can turn on this setting.

With this switched on, you can add the Opportunity Close entity to your solution, add fields and customise forms.

The Opportunity Close has 2 default forms, Information and Opportunity Close. The Opportunity Close is a quick create form, which is how the dialog can now be customised. The Information form is the main form for the entity, meaning that if users want to look up Opportunity Close records, this is the form that will be displayed.

You add new fields to entity and form just like you would any other entity and form. I created a global option set called Feedback and added it to the entity and forms.

N.b This is currently in preview and for some reason I could not load the form in the new form designer...also in preview. This is why my screenshots switch back and forth between new and old.

Once the field is added to the form, you can test it out.

It looks pretty good, doesn’t it? You can also see it on the main form as well.

Also, because this is a form, it can be subject to client-side validation like Business Rules or JavaScript. I created a Business Rule to say, if the Feedback was below 3 stars, the Description field becomes mandatory.

Another new, exciting feature coming to D365CE this October.

Ciao for now!

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