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#MSFlowVember Challenge

Howdy! I just presented at D365 Focus in Brussels on Workflows Vs Flow, how and when to extend your D365CE environment. As I was preparing for the presentation, I started learning a bit more about Microsoft Flow.

Flow has been one of my favourite products I've used in the last couple of years but I've always approached Flow from the perspective of solving a problem. Due to this, I never learnt a lot of the basics and to really get the potential out of Flow, you need the fundamentals. As I was learning, I thought that it could be really good content for others so decided to create a YouTube series on Flow. And so #MSFlowVember was born.

I was inspired recently by Malin Donoso Martnes, who is a Business Applications MVP for Talent, the only one in the world! There aren’t that many people writing about Talent and Malin decided she wanted to write a blog post daily to get more information out there and help more people. She wrote 90 posts in 90 days, you should go read her blog.

So then comes the challenge. Produce 30 videos for all 30 days of November and release them daily. But this wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to help people, not just through learning, but through charitable deeds.

I’m by no means famous, but I have a modest platform to shout and I have a lot of friends who can help me shout, so let's use that. Mind UK is a fantastic charity which helps people in the UK by offering services and support for people suffering from mental health issues. This is a charity very close to my heart, I’ve had friends and family members suffer with mental health issues so I wanted to support them.

Here’s the deal, I would love it if you could donate to Mind UK, I’ve set up a GoFund me page where 100% of the money goes straight to the charity. Here is the link:

But charity begins at home, so because I'm creating these videos, i’m going to be donating money for the views that I get one the videos between the 1st November to 30th November. For every 100 views, i’ll donate £1. Why am I donating? Not everyone has money they can spare and that’s absolutely fine, you can’t give what you don’t have. So I want to give back. If you can donate directly, fantastic, you are awesome, a true SuperHero! If you can’t, maybe you watch all 30 videos and the charity will get money from me. I think that’s a win/win.

As an added bonus, for anyone who donates more than £10, I will send some of my D365Geek stickers to you if you email or DM me on twitter with your address details. Picture and links below.

In summary, 30 Flow videos in 30 days, donate to Mind UK if you can, if you can’t, watch the videos and I’ll donate, learn about Flow and spread the word. #MSFlowVember

Ciao for now!

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