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#MSFlowVember Update

Howdy all, we are halfway through #MSFlowVember so I thought it would be a good time to do an update.

But first, an important announcement, Microsoft have officially changed the name of Microsoft Flow to Power Automate, bringing it more inline with the other components of the Power Platform. This announcement was made at Microsoft Ignite part way through November, so a lot of my videos reference Microsoft Flow. Flows are the items you create, akin to Workflows, but the actual product that you create your flows in, is now called Power Automate.

It is the 15th November and we currently have 16 videos released in 15 days, that’s one more than planned. I also released a pre-#MSFlowVember video counting down the days to the start of #MSFlowVember Lets recap each videos.

0. How many days until #MSFlowVember

In this video I create a simple flow to count the number of days until #MSFlowVember began. This was just a fun little demo of a Flow I built

1. Microsoft Flow Triggers and Actions

In this video I go through the basics of Microsoft Flow discussing Triggers and Actions.

2. Microsoft Flow How to: Create different Types of Flows

In this video I discuss the different types of Flows you can create in Power Automate

3. Microsoft Flow How to: Testing

Testing is key when building any application or automation, so in this video, I discuss how to test Flows.

4. Microsoft Flow How to: Working with Dynamic Content

Dynamic content allows you to use content from datasources or other places in your flow, further on. This is one of the core concepts and this video demonstrates how to use it.

5. Microsoft Flow How to: Working with Expressions

Expressions are a powerful tool once you learn to harness them. This video is an introduction in Expressions.

6. Microsoft Flow How to: Conditions

Conditions allow you to split the path of a Flow and choose a path if something is resolved as true or false.

7. Microsoft Flow How to: Apply to Each Control

Apply to each allows you to loop through a series of records and perform actions on them. This means you don’t need to run flows/workflows one by one, instead, they are all done in a single Flow.

8. Microsoft Flow How to: Do Until Control

The Do Until Control allows you to specify a condition to perform actions until a specific time. This video takes you through this.

9. Microsoft Flow How to: Scope Control

Scope can be really useful in bigger Flows as you can section actions into blocks which make them easy to manage.

10. Microsoft Flow How to: Switch Control

The Switch control is something I use quite often, it allows you to change the direction of a Flow and specify different actions based on an outputted result or switch.

11. Power Automate Flow How to: Terminate Control

The terminate control can stop a Flow. It can be used when you have multiple branches to stop a Flow from continuing if you don’t want it to do further actions on a certain branch.

12. Power Automate Flow How to: Compose Data Operation

The Compose action in the Data Operations group is something I use quite often and can be used to create inputs and display results.

13. Power Automate Flow How to: Joins

The Join action can enable you to combine (or join) parts of an array together with a separator which you can specify.

14. Power Automate Flow How to: Create HTML Tables

Creating HTML tables can be a really useful tool because you can format results into a table and then use it elsewhere like in an email.

15. Power Automate Flow How to: Create CSV Tables

Creating CSV tables can be useful, just like HTML tables.

16. Power Automate UI Flows (Preview) - Bonus Video

This is the brand new type of Flow currently in preview. It allows you to do Robotic Process Automation, meaning you can use it to capture inputs on either a webpage or desktop application, and Power Automate can automate this process.

The fund raising is also going extremely well. We have had some very generous donors to the charity campaign I am running for Mind and we have raised £160 which is incredible work. I want to shout out some of the amazing community heroes who have donated so far.

If you haven’t already, give them a follow or Twitter or check out their websites, they are all rockstars in this amazing community!! If you want to donate and support this wonderful charity, you can go to my GoFundMe page.

I am happy with the videos I've made so far and people have found new aspects of Power Automate because of these videos and posts which is what I was really hoping for.

Another 15 days left and another 15 videos still due to come out. I hope you enjoy them and they help you in some way.

Ciao for now!

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