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#MSFlowVember Final Totals!!

What. A. Month! #MSFlowVember has come to an end and it’s been such a great reaction to it all. When I first came up with the idea for #MSFlowVember, I didn’t know if it was crazy, if people would like it or if it was even achievable. Well, I knew this community wouldn’t let me down and I wanted to share some final figures for all of #MSFlowVember and a post to sum up all my thoughts about this month.

Let's start with some statistics during the month of November:

  • 2,300 Views across all videos.

  • 69 New Subscribers

  • 144.4 watched time (hours)

  • Most viewed video - Power Automate UI Flows (Preview)

  • Day with the most views - November 13th - 140 views

  • £160 raised by donations from the Community!

That is incredible! I cannot believe how well this went. The new subscribers took me over 100 subscribers which is insane! I only launched the YouTube channel a couple of months ago, I didn’t think I would hit anywhere near this mark for months.

Hitting 100 subscribers also means I can get a custom YouTube URL, so here it is:

One of the promises I made for #MSFlowVember was to contribute to the charity campaign based on the number of views. 1p for every 1 view, which, based on the 2.3k views, would equate to about £23. But I don’t think that’s enough money raised, so I’m going to multiple it by 10 and donate £230 of my own money to Mind. So that’s £390 raised for Mind, helping people in the UK by offering services for mental health.

If you want, you can still donate to the GoFundMe page here or directly on

I really enjoyed doing these videos and as learning doesn’t stop, even if #MSFlowVember has, i’m going to continue creating videos and pushing out content. I have a bit of a backlog of videos so they will continue daily for now, not sure how long for. I hope everyone enjoyed them, I certainly did and I learnt loads. Here’s a recap of the videos since the last update.

17. Power Automate Flow How to: Parse JSON

Parsing JSON is a really powerful tool as many online services use JSON like Dynamics 365.

18.Power Automate Flow How to: Filter Arrays

Working and being able to filter Arrays really helps with a lot of integration work.

19. Power Automate Flow How to: Data Operations Select

This Action helps you when you are working with arrays.

20. Power Automate Flow How to: Current Time Action

Time zones are complicated but Power Automate allows you to do conversions. This action allows you to get the current time.

21. Power Automate Flow How to: Add to Time Action

Adding to time helps you when you want to add time onto a base time and find what that is. Perfect for setting tasks for colleagues in the future.

22. Power Automate Flow How to: Subtract from Time Action

Subtract from time is the opposite of add to time, so for this you could use it to work out past time dates of when something should have been done or for calculations.

23. Power Automate Flow How to: Get Future Time Action

Get Future Time allows you to pass in a base time, time to add and return the time in the future. Again, great for setting tasks.

24. Power Automate Flow How to: Get Past Time Action

Get Past Time is the opposite of get future time and again, you pass in a base time and time to subtract and it returns a past time. Great for calculations.

25. Power Automate Flow How to: Convert Time Zone

Converting Time Zones is perfect for all those marketeers who want to make sure the email campaign hits just at the right time.

26. Power Automate Flow How to: HTTP Action

The HTTP action in Power Automate really shows the true power of Flows and Integrations. This action has so many possibilities so obviously, I've used it to connect to a pet API and retrieve pictures of Cats.

27. Power Automate Flow How to: HTTP Request Trigger

This is a video on HTTP Request Trigger in Power Automate. This trigger waits for a specific call, then takes data sent to it which can be used later on. A great example of this would be an Online store which doesn't connect to CDS naively but has a the ability to send a POST. You can wait for a new order to be placed, then get the data in Power Automate, and create a new order in CDS to be fulfilled. That's why this is so powerful, it unlocks so many possibilities!

28. Power Automate Flow How to: Initialize a Variable

Variables are a powerful tool in any programming language, so learning how to use them in Power Automate will make you life so much better.

29. Power Automate Flow How to: Set Variable

Setting Variables allows you to update Variables once they are created. Perfect if you need to update it through a Flow.

30. Power Automate Flow How to: Increment a Variable

Incrementing Variables allows you to increase the variable you are using. Perfect for needing to count in a Flow.

31. Power Automate Flow How To: Decrement a Variable

Decrementing Variables allows you to increase the variable you are using. Perfect for needing to count down in a Flow.

Ciao for now!

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