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Power Chatform - Episode 2 - I have a flaming spatula on my calf

In this episode I speak to Emma D’Arcy and Chris Huntingford. Emma is a pre-sales consultant for ClickDimensions base in Philadelphia, a lover of computer games, cats and tattoos! Chris is a partner technical architect for the Power Platform at Microsoft; hailing from South Africa, his love of CAPS LOCK, badgers and community has made him a legend amongst Dynamics and Power Platform fans.

We discuss the Hack4Good, which had over 390 participants, virtual pubs, tattoos and have a game of “Guess the animal” which was hilarious!

Chris Huntingford

MBAS: Oops Factor with Emma:

Virtual Events Hub (where you can go to the Bespoke Badger): Sarah Critchley:

Tattoo designs to avoid:

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