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Login to XrmToolBox with MFA - Easy Method

I previously wrote about my solution to log into the XrmToolBox using an Azure App due to Multi Factor Authentication being enabled in an environment. This was the solution to a problem I was facing getting into an environment, but there are other methods. A good friend of mine, Rob Nightingale, recently pointed out the steps to log into the XrmToolBox using the sdk login, which, for most people, would be a far easier method to get access to the amazing resources available in the XrmToolBox.

Open the XrmToolBox and click on your connections and create new connection.

In the Connection Method window, choose SDK Login Control.

You should be greeted with the below screen and you need to click on the button labelled “ Open Sdk Login Control”.

Next, if you are connecting to D365/CDS online, choose O365 as the deployment type and you will have options for “Sign in as current user”, “Display list of available organizations” and “Show Advanced”. These options will depend on you, I connect to multiple organisations so would not use “Sign in as current user” but I recommend selecting the other two options.

I select the online region as I know the one I want to connect to is in the UK, but if you have this as “Don’t Know”, it will display all environments you can see inside that tenant.

I don’t put in the username and password, instead, just press Login and you will be prompted with a Email and Password login screens.

N.b Sometimes you may have issues if you populate the username and password, when I tested this, the window below popped up asking me for the password again. I'd suggest just leaving this blank.

Once you put these in, you will then be prompted for your MFA to be approved/Authorised.

Once approved, you will get a list of environments which you have access to and in the region selected, if you chosen one and didn’t choose “Don’t know”.

Choose the environment you want to connect to and press “Login” and you have created the connection to the new environment.

This is a really easy method to connect to the XrmToolBox for environments with MFA enabled, but you will be occasionally asked to re-authenticate, so will need access to the MFA authentication method. This will be fine for some people, but if you don’t have access to this, the Azure App registration, as detailed previously here, would be a better option.

Big thanks to Rob for showing me this solution, you should totally follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn as he is awesome!

Ciao for now!

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